Children’s Dentistry

The early stages of life are important for establishing a strong foundation for healthy teeth and gum care. Your child’s first visits to the dentist should occur early in their life shortly after their first tooth appears. At their initial appointments, we provide you with knowledge on how to check and clean your child’s teeth. As your child matures, 6-monthly routine exams are scheduled with the dentist to identify and prevent potential dental complications.

Teeth are essential in helping us eat, talk and smile. It is then particularly important for your child’s development and growth that they are educated from an early age about the benefits of caring for their teeth and gums. We can help you achieve this by communicating with your child in a fun and interactive way to teach them how to brush and look after their teeth. Our dentists will ensure your child has a positive and fun experience in a relaxed environment.

Tips for Healthy Teeth

  • Quench with healthy drinks
  • Love healthy eating
  • Do brush twice daily
  • Every tooth needs flossing
  • Never skip dentist appointments (2 per year)
  • Tooth sore – see the dentist
  • A professional mouthguard for sports
  • Low fluoride toothpaste (<6year olds)